[1] Корчмарюк Я. И. Мои поправки к Дорожной карте на пути к бессметию. //Дискуссия в «Тренд-клубе». 25 декабря 2010 г.


«If the history of the mankind is a story of the transformation

of the monkey to an angel, probably in some stage in this way we will have to be machines.»

Eric Davis.


Quote from the source[1]:

«I am happy to welcome you in «Technical Immortality» intellectual club!

Figure 1. RTM «Techical Immortality» club logo.

Here we will try to find the answer to the question that bothers us so long. We, seekers of immortality, are trying to achieve our purpose through selection, learning and mastering technology that we believe will open the doors to infinity. We want to become immortal here and now, not sometime in the illusory afterlife. We want it for ourselves and for the people who are dear to us. We will pray, we will require and take everything we can get, because we are the only ones who understand that there is nothing to lose!

Moreover end, we have a sample map that will help us get to your destination in the shortest time. Raise topics, comment, analyze! We welcome anyone who: has been active and constructive, has knowledge in areas such as neurophysiology, brain chemistry, histology, quantum mechanics, physics and mathematics. Note: FAQ — this will save your time»

With one mouse click on the hyperlink «Map» you can move quickly to the subject matter of this article. But first – another quote[2].

«Our goal is to get the technology to achieve physical immortality. It is desirable that this be done as quickly as possible. The occurrence of any advanced technology is accompanied by the adoption of technologies that preceded it. For instance, modern laser reader would be unthinkable without electronics, plastics chemistry, physics of lasers, etc. What is needed for the technology of immortality? I tried the utmost to separate the wheat from the chaff and to mark the basics, placing them on the scale of time. What I forgot or I have left? Your suggestions.»


Very nice and polite! Of course we have «suggestions». And we offer you to become familiar with them. Our «suggestions» will refer to the scheme of [3] «the roadmap», or «the technology tree» (Note: Fig. 2), so kindly present by the gentlemen from the «TI-club» to «move» on.

Figure 2. Technology tree for the achive of immortality (RTM project).

Which suits us in all this? The scheme looks beautiful, colorful, joyful; the goal is super noble — immortality of the post-humans; the methods are very modern, the work of НТР?!

Here’s what!

Pay attention to the small dark hexagons marked in the legend with indications of authors as «closed».

First, it's just... not true! I would not dare to take responsibility «for the entire world», but for the part «Upload», I can say quite definitely[4]: in today’s (2010 г.) Earth Science, Engineering and Technology is already available everything you need to create a "settleretics’ machine "and for bringing it to the level of laboratory specimen! It is necessary «only» to carry out «system integration» - a kind of put together a structure similar to those of the cubes «Lego», or otherwise, of the individual «elements» to create «the system». Only needed one more little detail – «to know how to do it». We need a drawing (scheme, structure, order and so on synonyms), to «assamble». So where is the problem: the gallant gentlemen of this elite club only give the appearance that «know how», but do not want to listen to those who «really know how». Explain why become acidic when they offered to pay for decent work on creating this «know how».

Second, the scheme itself, which was drawn by them is not right, is not correct. Arrow that goes from the triangle «robot/cyborg», evolving alone can only go down to the hexagon called «Pseudo immortality». Because evolved «to the level Terminator» «smart machines» will not want to share immortality with us. On the other hand people walking down this road, but pass clueless the «Upload» hexagon, will get only «immortal powerful body», but will remain with the old, death and low-powered brain «higher primate – human». Likewise for the «Sensor suit» hexagon. This suit did not even belong here — it is very minor for the map of this scale, but what can we do, it is a favorite destination of one of the gentlemen, members of this club. Let him live, this one is on us...

Still, how should «right and correct» i. e. «truthfully» be drawn this «roadmap»?

Note: my version on Figure 3.


Figure 3. Technology tree for the achive of immortality (according to Yan I. Korchmaryuk — creator of science settleretics).

What is special here? I have neither the time nor the desire to paint beautiful pictures with colored arrows. The important thing is the basic principle — the concept: all roads to «The Immortal Post-human» goes only through «Uploading or Settleretics».

That’s it, other roads in the nature simply does not exist!

Similarly I do not want to bother with «the time scale» below, under the scheme. I will only note that the authors have reinsurance themselves and «they are tied firmly their pants». Pseudo immortality based on biotechnology is a matter of the recent decade. For «the uploading» will have to wait until 2020 – 2030, while foa «the post-human» – until about 2050. (Of course, if we proceed from the fact that today's pace of technological progress will remain the same). Therefore, paraphrasing Nietzsche and Davis, that in the 21st century, which is only a moment of eternity and of human evolution: «The monkey died. Angel was born».

Merry Christmas! ;)

Volgograd, Russia. 26 December 2010